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Our Story

Our Story

They say clothes make the man, and of all items in a mans wardrobe shoes are the single most important element of style: LACES ties it all together. The truth is: shoes make the man, and if you’ve ever noticed a women checking out your kicks before their eyes rise to take in the rest of your look, then you already know this. Situated in Maple, Ontario, and influenced by urban culture from around the world, Laces is your one stop destination for all your footwear needs. Whether it’s those rare Jordan’s, or the Snapback to match, we got you. So c’mon T-dot, lets show the world how your feet rock.

About us:

Residing in the suburbs of Ontario, Nick Matas, the King of Kicks Himself, and Julian Tafuro have collaborated to bring you Laces, a footwear experience like no other. Born in the suburbs of Ontario, both would frequently visit nearby Toronto, fascinated by the trendy fashion, club life, and urban culture. Infatuation quickly developed into a love for all things urban. Still residing in Maple, in was obvious that you could take the boys out of the city, but you couldn’t take the city out of the boys. Faced with a dilemma at the crossroads of their life, both had an epiphany: You can’t bring the block to the core of the urban community, but you can bring the urban community to the block. Whether you want to sell those rare kicks you’ve been holding on to, or need a fresh pair to impress, you’ve come to the right place. Currently a basement operation, growth is inevitable when fertilized with ambition. You probably couldn’t fill our shoes, but you could cop the next best thing.

Mission Statement:

Laces strives to be a provincial leader in the sporting shoe industry, providing quality product of all brands insuring customer satisfaction.